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About Cated technology

Cated technology is composed of a set of tools destined to the improvement of the experience of driving vehicles, understanding user experience from different aspects such as efficiency, safety or monitoring. Within the set of tools are both mobile applications, web or desktop, and electronic devices to connect to the Electronic Control Unit of the car.

Cated Sensor

For this project, Cated Technology integrates through some of its applications into a cycle of specific actions: measure, analyze and act.

Cated sensor is the bluetooth device that is connected to the car through the standard OBD-II port to the Electronic Control Unit of the car. All cars are equipped with this port since 2003.

Cated drive is a monitoring tool that will be available as a mobile application for Android devices (soon for other platforms), as a web application through the ecomile portal and as a desktop application. Its main objective is the detailed monitoring of driving parameters and advice to improve the driving experience.

Cated box is the interactive platform for the monitoring of driving parameters and its applications. Its main purpose is to store, manage and process the information obtained through other tools of cated technology.

Cated echo is the application for Nokia and Android mobiles that advises the driver on the most appropriate gear so as to drive in a more efficient way and save up to 15% in fuel consumption.

Cated share is an application that will be available through the Internet and Android mobile devices (soon in other platforms) from which the way in which the car can be shared will be managed.

How is it applied?

The basic methodology which will be applied in ecomile consists of three cyclical moments: measure, analyze and act.

The first step is to measure, which will be carried out using Cated sensor connected to the Electronic Control Unit of the vehicle, which will transmit via bluetooth the information collected to the application Cated drive in the mobile device of the driver, which in turn will send all the gathered information to the platform Cated box. Cated drive not only gathers information, it also analyzes in real time the parameters of the car to give advice on driving in real time.

The next step is to analyze the information, task for which the interactive monitoring platform of driving parameters Cated box was conceived, a powerful tool which not only gathers information of the vehicles, but also shows how they move around the city. All this in a confidential and safe way.

Thanks to this tool, ecomile will have a Global Control Panel from which a great amount of information can be monitored showing the general state of mobility, the level of CO2 emitted or the amount of fuel consumed in the Knowledge Mile in real time. Finally, it will be possible to know the influence of the actions of efficient mobility which have been carried out, in terms of the reduction of pollution, thanks to the data gathered by EMECA (the air quality measurement station of the Campus of Gijon).

The third step corresponds to act. After measuring and analyzing, the only thing left is to act, to make decisions to correct, improve or change the driving experience. Three tools are available for this: Cated eco for those that want to drive efficiently, Cated share to manage in an easy way the action of sharing the car and finally Cated drive which both advises and gathers information. Thus the cycle is closed , returning to the beginning again and in this way a method of constant improvement is proposed.

Preceding project


The Cluster of Energy, Environment and Climatic Change of the International Campus of Excellence of the University of Oviedo leads the project ENERGY EFFICIENT DRIVE,E2 DRIVE for energetically efficient driving. The objective of this project is the scientific validation of tools to reduce fossil fuel consumption in automobiles and therefore the reduction of greenhouse gas effects.

Thanks to a first phase of tests on privately owned vehicles, the computer science application has been validated that will be the base of development of the project ecomile.