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What is it about?

The project ecomile proposes the accomplishment of a set of actions for the analysis and the reduction of the impact of traffic within the area of the Knowledge Mile of Gijón.

The entities participating in the project propose the creation of a living laboratory for the study (individual and collective) of the habits of the people who use the area with regard to their daily travel arrangements to their place of study or work. For the accomplishment of this study the most recent advances available in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for the monitoring of vehicles will be used.

General aspects of the project

A significant sample of people of different entities from the area

Firstly, a significant sample of people who study or work in the different centres of the area will be selected, people who use their own vehicle to go to class or work. The necessary equipment will be given to each of the participants in the study, in order to monitor the efficiency with which they drive over a specific period of time. At the same time, behaviour will be suggested which bears in mind efficient driving techniques recommended worldwide and especially by IDAE (Institute for the Diversification and Energy Saving dependent on the Ministry of Industry). Do you want to take part in the project?

Real time gathering of information

The information will be gathered using Cated® technology, which by means of the use of a device that connects to the car's Electronic Control Unit which in turn via bluetooth connects to the mobile device of the driver, will inform each participant in real time of large or small adjustments to the driver's current way of driving, leading to a more efficient way of driving by inviting the driver to follow the recommendations mentioned. Thus we aim to optimize and improve the way in which the driver drives. All the information relative to the way of driving is registered by the driver's mobile device and is sent to a remote server for its subsequent analysis.

Through a mobile device provided with GPS1, the routes and schedules of the journeys to work will be anonymously registered in order to discover points of traffic congestion and to adopt corrective measures. It is important to emphasize that this point follows the strategic line of European research of EARPA (European Automotive Research Partners Association).

Gathering of information

CATed® technology has an interactive monitoring platform of the parameters of road transport called Cated® box. It is a complete system of storage and monitoring of the driving conditions and of the vehicle itself, so that this data can be analyzed and processed in order that Cated® users can later analyze their driving with the Cated® drive applications.

Gathering of information on polluting agents in the area of the Knowledge Mile

Estación de medición de calidad del aire

The Ecomile project will go a step further than any other study on mobility carried out to date, not only gathering advanced information on driving, but also collecting precise data on the polluting agents emitted by traffic in the area.

Thanks to the valuable contribution to the project by the University of Oviedo and the collaboration of the Asturian company Ingenieros Asesores, an air quality measuring station, recently set up in the Campus of Gijon, is going to contribute data in real time about different polluting agents NOX, CO, O3 and fine particles (PMs) that are related to road traffic.

In this way, the data will be incorporated to the data analysis phase of Cated Box, enabling correlations to be established between congestion points and polluting agents and also permitting the analysis of the influence of the actions of sustainable mobility carried out in the project on the reduction of the polluting agents in the area.

Towards a more efficient way of driving

hard workerThrough the web application Cated® drive, each person participing in the study will have access to the global information that the system gathers and thus will be able to analyze the evolution in their driving and discover the direct and indirect benefits on their journey towards a more efficient way of driving (less contamination, lower consumption, lower cost.)

The same application, based on the data gathered from each user, will permit the analysis of the driving conditions of each trip, with the purpose of being able to identify the potential areas in which to improve. The system will analyze the information and will give advice on how to improve in the most critical aspects.

Sharing vehicles

Finally, within the framework of ecomile, the development of the application Web Cated® share is proposed, seeking to promote and coordinate the use of the shared vehicle to travel to work or place of study, one of the corrective actions most valued by the users and suggested in the conclusions of the Plan of sustainable Mobility carried out by the Municipal Centre of Companies of Gijón in January 2009.

Ecomilla has finished

The final results

The Knowledge Mile

The Knowledge Mile

The Knowledge Mile is a specific area located to the east of Gijón. In the area of approximately one mile the following are concentrated:

  • The university colleges of the University of Oviedo in Gijón
  • The Scientific-Technological Park of Gijón
  • The Atlantic Botanical Gardens
  • The Labour University, City of Culture
  • Radiotelevision of the Principality of Asturias
  • LABoral Centre of Industrial Art and Creation
  • Cabueñes Hospital

Selection of Participants

Our objective is to select people who belong to the different entities of the area who use their own vehicle to travel to their place of work or study. The necessary equipment will be given to each of the participants in the study, in order to monitor the efficiency with which they drive over a specific period period of time. At the same time, behaviour based on efficient driving techniques will be suggested.

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