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What is it about?

The project ecomile proposes the accomplishment of a set of actions for the analysis and the reduction of the impact of traffic within the area of the Knowledge Mile of Gijón.

The entities participating in the project propose the creation of a living laboratory for the study (individual and collective) of the habits of the people who use the area with regard to their daily travel arrangements to their place of study or work. For the accomplishment of this study the most recent advances available in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for the monitoring of vehicles will be used.

The mobility factor in the Knowledge Mile

Atmospheric and acoustic pollution.

According to the Sustainable Mobility Plan of the PCTG created in January 2009, the Mile has a movement on a typical working day of more than 15,000 people, which makes the mobility factor critical, generating great problems not only related to road traffic but also to the space available for parking.

The number of vehicles that move through the area, far from diminishing, is constantly rising, due mainly to the installation of new companies and the increase of activity in the Scientific-Technological Park.

To the problem of traffic and parking, another important problem also arises , that of atmospheric and acoustic pollution.

Ecomilla has finished

The final results

The Knowledge Mile

The Knowledge Mile area

The Knowledge Mile is a specific area located to the east of Gijón. In the area of approximately one mile the following are concentrated:

  • The university colleges of the University of Oviedo in Gijón
  • The Scientific-Technological Park of Gijón
  • The Atlantic Botanical Gardens
  • The Labour University, City of Culture
  • Radiotelevision of the Principality of Asturias
  • LABoral Centre of Industrial Art and Creation
  • Cabueñes Hospital

Presentation of ecomile

On Monday 17 October at 10:00 the project ecomile was presented in the Assembly Hall of the Technological Centre Building (Central Building) of the Scientific- Technological Park of Gijón (166 Prados street)

Presentation of ecomile