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It's free to take part, and we also give you the Cated sensor for your car

We want to select people who belong to different centres of the Knowledge Mile and who use their own vehicle to travel there. Each participant in the study will be given the necessary equipment to monitor for a given period of time the efficiency with which they drive, and at the same time they will be suggested behaviour that takes into account the techniques of efficient driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements in order to take part?

    We are looking for employees and students who travel daily to the Knowledge Mile, and have a car manufactured post 2003 (or which is provided with an OBD-II port) and that preferably have an Android 2.2 or superior telephone (if you interested in taking part and you do not have said telephone, you can still register to take part as we will "lend" them).

  2. Does it cost anything to take part?

    No, it is free to participate in the project and each one of the participants will receive a Cated® sensor, a stand for the mobile phone and a lighter charger. For the most dedicated and efficient drivers, we have 5 tablets (Android operating system) to reward their participation.

  3. Is there any conflict with the functions of the telephone when using the application ecomile?

    The application ecomile does not interfere with other features of the telephone such as the hands-free function.

  4. Will the installation of Cated sensor cause any problems with the guarantee of my vehicle or affect it in any way?

    Cated® sensor uses an open protocol (OBD-II) for assessing data, which in no way affects the guarantee or functioning of the vehicle.

Participating entities

Plano de la Milla del Conocimiento

  • The university colleges of the University of Oviedo in Gijón
  • The Scientific-Technological Park of Gijón
  • The Atlantic Botanical Gardens
  • The Labour University, City of Culture
  • Radiotelevision of the Principality of Asturias
  • LABoral Centre of Art and Industrial Creation
  • Cabueñes Hospital